Projects come in many shapes and sizes. No matter the scope of work involved, there are five important phases to follow:

  1. Project Concept and Initiation begins with meticulous research, to ensure feasibility and resources to complete the project. Identify key risks in the beginning to help prepare for the possibilities.
  2. Project Definition & Planning involves a written plan to ensure all parties involved are on the same page, and understands the necessary steps from beginning to completion. One of the most important steps to execute a successful project.
  3. Project Launch & Execution marks the beginning of the project where resources are allocated, teams are assigned, project management plans are in full effect.
  4. Project Performance & Control ensures the project KPI’s are on track to ensure a smooth completion. Successful project managers know how to well adapt and modify changes as they come, and remain positive and flexible through it all.
  5. Project Close is the final stage of the project’s life cycle. This is a time to evaluate, and to learn from the project. Final budget reports are prepared to ensure the project is completed.