The design-build process is an interactive function controlled by you, our client. It merges construction requirements, architectural design, civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering, while continuously monitoring budgets. As a team, we recognize and take into constant consideration, the importance of our client’s visual and stylistic preferences.


It is the architect’s ultimate goal to deliver excellent service by coordinating the work of the entire design team while maintaining a steady focus on the pre-established budget. The architectural team works to ensure seamless integration of aesthetic form with architectural design. Utilizing the most up-to-date Auto Cad 3D and printing systems, our architects will exceed your expectations by designing and implementing creative solutions.

By working as a design team, questions that are sometimes overlooked when working as individuals, get answered upfront in the original design meetings. Questions like utility availability, whether they are large enough, building elevations, costs of these services, masonry or concrete tilt-up, cost estimations, refrigerated or swamp cooled air, high-efficiency lights or not, and payback on energy savings, etc. Often, a seemingly inexpensive piece of land can cost much more after some of these questions are answered.


Working as a team, budget questions are answered long before drawings are completed and bid, so there are no major surprises that stop the project or wind up costing a lot more money. Costs are kept lower when re-design is avoided from the start due to an entire team working toward the same goal.

In contrast to a standard architectural bid package, or a usual construction project, the design-build method gives the client the advantage of knowing costs, budgets, and alternative pricing throughout the design. This enables the adjustment of design and function to meet the pre-determined budget. It allows the client to arrange accurate financing prior to construction, and analyze the profitability of the project throughout the design process.


The design-build method is an excellent choice if any building expansion is planned anytime in the future. Utilities can be pre-designed at the time of the original build to cover future expansion. Building footings can also be pre-designed to carry additional expansion loads avoiding major costs on demolition and rebuilding when the property owner is ready to expand.


A fast-track design-build often allows the site work to be designed, bid, and started while the architectural and structural portions are still being drawn up. With all the teams in full coordination, certain items, like steel, can be designed, ordered and current pricing locked in to save even more.

In summary, the design-build process is generally much less expensive, gives the property owner more control and options to choose from while knowing all costs involved every step of the way. This process also speeds up the building process and encourages the owner to be a vital part of the team and involved in the decision-making process of all aspects, including sub-contractor selection and bid reviews.

At Eckman Construction we are passionate about the design-build process. A design-build allows collaboration and total interaction every step of the way, allowing the overall achievement of one common goal.