Eckman Completes Massive, Record-size Footings


Construction is underway for the new General RV Supercenter in South Weber. Of note are the massive concrete footings for the foundation of the 65,000 SF warehouse–the largest continuous warehouse footings currently in the state of Utah.

To support the foundation of the warehouse, the footings range for 4′-8′ wide and 30″ deep, 8′-10′ wide and 36″ deep to 12′ wide and 48″ deep. These structural specifications were planned in consideration of seismic zones in the area. Eckman’s experienced team, with expertise in concrete construction, have formed and poured a total of1,840 cubic yards for the footings, alone.

Concrete-Contractors-Eckman-General-RVGreg Barker, one of the on-site superintendents for Eckman, with over 30 years’ experience in concrete construction, said “The amount and size of rebar for these footings is massive. The amount of #9 and #10 rebar, which ranges from 1″ to 1 1/4″ in diameter is the most extensive I’ve encountered in my career.” The footings will support large precast tilt-up panels that are 12’wide x 31′ that will form the building. Each panel has an 18″ slot that will be erected onto a protruding #10 rebar from the footing. This design and construction method creates “free floating” panels that allow for building expansion and contraction given seismic activity.

“Constructing footings and foundations with the level of precision to successfully achieve the structural goals and integrity of the building is something our crews definitely have the experience to deliver,” said Cooper Eckman, president. “Our crews have gone to great lengths to survey and ensure the vertical rebar supports for the tilt-up panels are precisely placed,” said Barker. He continued, “without precise placement for the panel supports, the entire project would be impacted.”

With this eye for detail, construction continues to progress smoothly. The project is anticipated to reach completion by January 2025. The new supercenter will include the sales and service of a variety of travel trailers, fifth wheelers, and motorhomes.