Meet the Team: Brittany Hakes


Meet Brittany Hakes, Eckman Receptionist and, while new to the construction industry, a huge boon to our firm. She is the friendly face greeting everyone at the door, answering the phones, and getting people where they need to be. Even more than that, however, her skills with people and organization keep Eckman on track and make lasting positive impressions on our clients.

Brittany sums it up well: “I present myself very well around clients in meetings and will always bring a friendly, fun and professional flare to the company.” When it comes to interacting with people, she adds, “I will make feel like they are right at home here at Eckman. I am able to let people know they are very cared about.” A big, bright personality, Brittany brings lots of laughter, organization, and friendliness to the office—and has been helping us bring a fresh look to the office as well with inspired spots of interior design.

On top of all her strengths is her efficiency and responsiveness. “I am super task-oriented and organized,” she explains, “and so anything the crew needs me to do, I will get done efficiently.” Her ability to get what we need quickly and well has made her an excellent receptionist and value-add to our firm.

“Eckman has become family very quickly in the short time I’ve been here,” she shares, “and I cannot be more grateful for the amazing company I get to call home.” We enjoy her presence equally. Her warmth, flare, and good humor has been a positive force for everyone.

A Rundown of Brittany’s Many, Very Fun Facts:

  • She is a single mother of five children.
  • She is a big sunshine lover, enjoying anything that happens out in the sun.
  • She loves to dance, paint ceramics, go to comedy clubs, and host craft nights/parties with friends.
  • She has hosted a podcast for the last 4 years. Its focus has been to help others feel not alone on their journeys of life, and is a major passion of hers.
  • First on her bucket list is visiting Italy. Her family is from Italy, her maiden name DiGirolamo, and she has always dreamed of going there one day. She says that with her feistiness and the way she talks with her hands, she should fit right in!
  • When it comes to her finest accomplishment to date, she says it has been discovering self love. Having overcome mountains of grief, health issues, and trials in the last couple of years, “continuing to fight through everything I am faced with and learning so much about myself, God, and this journey we are all on” has led her to being the magnificent person she is today.

If ever you come to Eckman, make sure to say hello Brittany Hakes. We’re glad to have her, and pleased to learn and share more about her. Thank you, Brittany, for all that you do.