Senior Civil Project Engineer

Management and Office
Posted: September 12, 2022

Eckman Construction is seeking a Senior Civil Project Engineer in Salt Lake City, Utah.


  • Perform civil design review to verify:
    1. New underground utilities (power, telephone, water, sewer, gas, storm drainage, fuel lines, grease traps, fuel tanks) have no interference
    2. Existing power/telephone poles, pole guys, street signs, drainage inlets, valve boxes, manhole covers, etc., do not interfere with new driveways, sidewalks, or other site improvements
    3. Limits of construction, clearing, grading, sodding, grass or mulch are shown and are consistent in other disciplines
    4. Fire hydrants and street light poles do not conflict with other above ground items
    5. Profile sheets show other underground utilities and avoid conflicts
    6. Horizontal distances between drainage structures and manholes match scaled dimensions and stated dimensions on both plan and profile sheets
    7. All existing and proposed grades are shown
    8. All relevant controlling datum/benchmarks, property lines, setbacks, easements, rights of way, legal encumbrances, relevant existing conditions, existing and proposed contours, existing and proposed inverts, and limits of construction been indicated on the drawings
    9. All exposed surfaces have positive drainage to move water away from potential incursion zones and towards catchments or drain locations
  • Review project soils report, including bedding and backfill materials, compaction testing, footing and slab elevations, over-excavation, sub-grade stabilization and dewatering requirements. Review existing site conditions together with applicable subcontractors and identify any conflicts
  • Review owner as-builts. Identify old and new utilities, benchmarks, project boundaries and control points. Have project Surveyor establish these and record and have Owner’s Engineer/Representative signoff.  Use same control points for duration of construction. Designate initial water source hydrant and install (city) meter
  • Designate and monitor hazardous storage areas, site drainage, dust control, rock removal, disposal of spoilage and SWPPP requirements. Designate fuel storage area, if required and confirm permit and insurance requirements
  • Designate and organize staging areas by subcontractor and respective needs and ensure each subcontractor maintains their own area
  • Locate and protect all existing trees, structures, monuments, etc. which are to remain
  • Designate on-site fill and topsoil storage areas, and off-site borrow and spoilage areas. Assign who will be protecting said designated areas
  • Test site as required per specifications
  • Develop traffic plan with alternate route taking into consideration adjacent roads, streets, walks and adjacent neighborhoods
  • Follow proper OSHA safe-off, shoring, bracing, and “benching” procedures for all trenches and general excavations
  • Confirm building pad, etc. are + .10′ of subgrade and have concrete and MEP subs inspect and sign off
  • Ensure warning tape requirements above all Electric, Gas, Oil, Steam, Telephone, Water and Sewer underground installations
  • Supervise Project Engineers: Train new hires, set goals and deadlines, evaluate performance and provide feedback, manage workflow, resolve issues and disputes
  • Ensure an accurate, continuous as-builts of relevant trades is kept. Gather close-out documentation once project is done
  • Review sub-trade contractor invoices, project budgets
  • Create and maintain project schedule, coordinate procurement of long-lead items
  • Coordinate sub-trade bidding and write sub-trade contracts, RFIs, CORs accordingly
  • Review and process submittals and drawings
  • Lead meetings between owner, architect, engineer, and subcontractors. Ensure smooth communication between all parties
  • Oversee job site together with Superintendent, ensure safety is being enforced. Monitor subcontractor schedule and production rates
  • Related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Minimum Experience/ Qualifications

  • Must be willing to travel to jobsites along the Wasatch Front in Northern Utah
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or closely related field required (foreign equivalent accepted)
  • No less than twenty-four months of experience as Senior Civil Project Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Civil Project Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Engineer Intern, or closely related job title required
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of and proficiency in the use of the following software:
    1. Procore, Primavera P6, Microsoft Project Scheduling, Autodesk AutoCAD

Benefits (available after 90 days of employment)

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401K matching

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